Blaze, Vega, Vega Control, Razor Updates

Blaze, Vega, Vega Control, Razor Updates

Updating the lineup of Blaze, Vega, Vega Control and Razor VHF/Intercom devices is done via RS-232 on a PC. Due to the generally increased complexity of updating these products, we advise our customers to contact us and setup an appointment to send in the units needing update. Advanced users who are competent and comfortable with PCs can download the attached software packages with instructions contained from the manufacturer.

If you have any issues with running updates, contact us and we will assist you.

Vega VHF Changes:

17 September 2019
Improved debounce algorithms for Rotary controls. Partial entry of new standby frequency will be saved if even if not completed. Fixes to external remote control via A1/A2 lines as well channel selection functionality and storage of channels.

Razor VHF Changes:

09 June 2019
Fixed issues with channel selection and storage

Vega/Blaze Single Changes:

Please reference the firmware revisions document contained in the respective software packages
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