iEFIS and iBox User and Installation Manuals

iEFIS and iBox User and Installation Manuals

The iEFIS and iBox Installation, Navigation and User Manuals are attached
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    • Autopilot Manuals

      Attached are the MGL Avionics Integrated Autopilot Installation and User Manuals for Enigma/Odyssey/Voyager and then for iEFIS.
    • iBox Installation Manual

      The iBox Installation Manual is attached
    • iEFIS Lite User Manual

      The iEFIS Lite Manual, Getting Started and Quick Calibration is attached. This should be used in collaboration with the standard iEFIS manuals found here.
    • Vega Single Manuals

      Attached are the manuals of the 2 1/4" Vega Color Singles Applies to: AHRS-1 AHRS-3 ALT-5 ASI-4 ASV-1 EMS-1 FF-4 INFO-1 MAP-3 RPM-1 TC-4 TP-3
    • iEFIS MX1 Updates

      The latest iEFIS MX1 Software updates are contained here. These updates apply to the iEFIS MX1 in either Landscape or Portrait modes. NOTE: Landscape Mode software updates contain "LS" in the file names. iEFIS G2 Users can find their updates here ...