iEFIS Extender Manual and Harness Schematics

iEFIS Extender Manual and Harness Schematics

Attached is the manual for the iEFIS Extender that can be used with the iEFIS (Discovery, Explorer and Challenger) and iEFIS Lite (Discovery-Lite, Explorer-Lite and Challenger-Lite) to add additional analog inputs and outputs as well as adding additional RS-232 serial ports. The available harness schematic is also attached.

The iEFIS Extender is used mainly to add additional capabilities to an iEFIS Lite system. It provides 8 analog/digital inputs, 5 digital outputs, OAT sensor input, 5 RS232 serial ports (for a total of 6 usable ports on the “Lite”) as well as a AOA (angle of attack) sensor. The Extender can also be used with regular iEFIS systems where it will provide additional analog/digital inputs and digital outputs.

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