RDAC XF RS-232 Protocol Document

RDAC XF RS-232 Protocol Document

Attached is the RS-232 Protocol Document for the RDAC XF, XF MAP and XG
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      Attached is the CAN bus protocol document that outlines the communication of devices on the MGL CAN bus, such as the SP-6, SP-7, RDAC XF, Servos, Transponder
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      Using the CAN bus where available is always recommended, such as when connecting the XTreme and RDAC XF together. However, if connecting the XTreme to the RDACXF via the legacy Optical connection, connect as follows: Opt + from RDAC XF (Pin 4) ...
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      Legacy Optical Connection:  The RDAC XF connects to the following devices via Optical Connection: Enigma Odyssey/Voyager Gen 1 Odyssey/Voyager Gen 2 (can use Optical or CAN bus) Older XTremes (can use Optical or CAN bus - see this article) New CAN ...
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      Attached is the manual for the RDAC XG. The RDAC XG is a compact version of the RDAC XF Engine monitor module and can be used used with XTreme, Odyssey G2, Voyager G2 and all iEFIS systems. The RDAC XG provides a CAN bus interface. Further to this an ...