SP-9 AHRS Manual

SP-9 AHRS Manual

Attached is the manual for the SP-9 AHRS Sensor.


High grade ring gyro based AHRS and built in SP-6 magnetometer for magnetic heading. The SP-9 employs latest micro-machined ring gyroscope technology for performance that approaches FOG class ability in practical applications. Adding ORION class high accuracy accelerometers results in an IMU grade AHRS.



Gyro rates: Up to 300 degrees/second any axis
Accelerometer: G force measurement up to 16G
Low drift, high immunity to vibration


In flight calibration for 3D deviation compensation
External SP-6 can be used in case internal SP-6 is not suitable due to mounting location restrictions

Power supply:

8-14V DC recommended, low current consumption.


CAN bus

Low weight: Less than 150 grams (5.3 

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