Update Navigation Database - Navidata

Update Navigation Database - Navidata

To update the Navidata database, terrain databases and VMap (roads and rivers) databases for North America (including United States and Canada), please see this link:
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      Navidata (12/21/2020 - 01/28/2021): Click here for the navidata.ewd file that is up to date as of the dates listed above (updated once per month) and place onto the root (base) directory of a microSD (or SD on XTreme) card. XTreme EFIS will use this ...
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      If your map has disappeared from the screen, is not visible, you cannot see map, or just it shows a blue screen with airports and airspace on it and no terrain or roads/rivers, please do the following: For Enigma: Check that SD card is inserted in ...
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