V16 Radio Updates

V16 Radio Updates

The MGL Avionics V16 Radio firmware updates can be found here.

Current Version:

300420 (Version 12)


V16 Firmware update 300420 (V1 REL 12)

Added a block to AUX audio at codec level during TX.
Added automatic selection of HOT MIC during TX if intercom switch is used.

V16 Firmware update 030320 (V1 REL 11)

Added support for TX Interlock with receiver disable if activated by external source. If the TX interlock is pulled to ground by an external source TX is disabled (but an already active TX will remain active). In addition the receiver is disabled.
If the line is not pulled low and TX is activated it will be pulled low by the V16 which will disable TX on externally connected radios in similar manner.

V16 Firmware update 100719 (V1 REL 10)

Improved scanning behavior if new frequencies pushed while scanning.
Added new commands for setup for use with OEM applications.

V16 Firmware update 151018 (V1 REL 6)

Added: peripheral error detection and correction system.

V16 Firmware update 060818 (V1 REL 5)


V16 setup function: Enable/disable the digital TX audio delay circuit
V16 setup function: Take side tone from antenna connector or modulator circuit
VSWR calculation improved


The V16 can be updated via the iEFIS or direct-connection via RS-232 to your PC. Download the iEFIS or WIN update package as applicable to your use-case. Each package will contain instructions.

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