XTreme EFIS/EMS Dimensions Dimensions

XTreme EFIS/EMS Dimensions Dimensions

Attached are the dimensions and size of the XTreme EFIS and EMS

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      Simple XTreme EFIS/EMS to RDAC XF harness schematic. Click here for full XTreme EFIS harness schematic. ​
    • XTreme 2 EFIS and EMS with RDAC VD

      The new XTreme 2 EFIS and EMS (XTremes shipped from approx October 2014) no longer have the 'RDAC' optical signal wire, as they are designed for use with the RDACXF via CAN bus. However, those wanting to connect the RDAC VD to the newer XTremes can ...
    • XTreme EFIS Harness Wiring Schematics - CAN bus

      Attached below are the harness schematics and pin-outs to connect the XTreme EFIS. Same harness can be used for XTreme EMS (but no AHRS sensors or servos connected). Simple XTreme EFIS/EMS and RDAC harness schematic here. ​
    • XTreme EMS Manual

      Attached is the manual for the XTreme EMS
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      Below are the system weights and Current loads of the XTreme mini EFIS/EMS. We recommend putting the EFIS system components on a 5 Amp Circuit Breaker. If radio and transponder are used, these can be placed on another 5 Amp Circuit breaker. If ...